Founded by Catherine Hopper, Vocal Boot Camp is a growing community of singers who want to learn about their voice, develop their sound, and feel more confident in their singing. Vocal Boot Camp gives you access to the best vocal teaching, live on Zoom and on-demand for a limited period afterwards. Whether you are a professional singer, or enjoy singing in your leisure time, Vocal Boot Camp’s online sessions can help move your singing to the next level. 


I am a mezzo-soprano and a mum of three little boys. Like everyone else in the Performing Arts, most of my work was cancelled when Covid hit. I went from professional singer to stay-at-home mum and home schooler overnight. I had no need to practice, (having no work to practice for), and for much of the time it felt too painful to sing, as it reminded me how unstable our futures are in the music profession. Now that my children are back to school and the sun is starting to shine, I find myself wanting to sing again - but really not knowing where to start or how to find the energy to motivate myself. This is where the Vocal Boot Camp comes in.  

The idea of the Vocal Boot Camp was born out of watching Alan Yentob’s BBC programme Imagine, which explored how different groups within the Arts have been coping during the pandemic without being able to perform, create or earn a living.  I was struck by how many of the ballet companies were connecting every day through Zoom to warm up together, keep their muscles working and their minds ready for their next performance or rehearsal, whenever that might be. It got me thinking: Why couldn't singers do the same?